The largest animals that ever lived, with brains larger than humans, whales were land beasts that, eons ago, returned to the ocean. From Bar Harbor all the way down the coast of Maine, whales can be seen cruising and frolicking throughout the summer. Six whale species can be seen along Maine’s coast: three great whites — the Finback, the Humpback and the Minke; the North Atlantic Right Whale and the Pilot whale; and, less often seen, Orca (killer whales). Seals, dolphins, porpoises and puffins often frolic with the whales.

For those who love whales, stop at Hermanus to watch them. It is a land based this place. Oudtshoorn is the world’s ostrich capital in the world. To see an ostrich race, go to cango caves. Port Elizabeth is made interesting by the fact that the political icon nelson Mandela was born here. The region also has some of the most beautiful beaches.

The endangered North Atlantic right whale (there are only 350 to 400 left in the world) got their name because they were considered the best (“right”) whale to hunt — they were very approachable and floated when killed. They range from 20 to 50 feet long, and can weigh 50 tons. Their double blowhole is often “V” shaped. The right whale can be identified by its lack of a dorsal fin, and the whitish bumps called callosities on its head. Whale-watchers are forbidden to get with in 500 yards of a North Atlantic Right Whale.

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You will have to learn a lot about provisioning because you will be eating for at least 4 weeks and you have a small frig and perhaps no freezer. This is an entire course in itself and we will not go into too much detail about how to provision a sailboat for an extended crossing. Perhaps it will be the subject of a future article.

Baja California, found in Mexico, is a peninsula located between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. It is located near the United States, which is why it is a favorite vacation spot for Americans, especially those in San Diego or California, which is merely an hour’s drive from Baja.

Whale watching is popular now all over the world – but in Gloucester Massachusetts it has been popular for decades. Knowledgeable local skippers will take you to the action.

Limi?n and Puntarenas, Costa Rica: Ah, I enjoyed thoroughly over here. Although, the name of the place actually means “rich coast”, in reality, it is exactly the opposite. If you are living in Costa Rica, you won’t have to shell too much to enjoy the essence of fishing. Deep sea fishing charters will ensure that you enjoy your stint to the fullest. The best part is the place leaves you with a wide range of options. You can either head towards the province of Limi?n on the Caribbean, where you can find mackerel, tarpon, and tripletail. Or, you can travel to the western coast of Puntarenas. Here, you’ll find roosterfish, tuna and wahoo.

Iceland is the fastest growing whale-watching location in the world. It is a stunning and logical place to watch some of the best Humpback Whale antics on the planet – But I personally recommend you Don’t go there! Why? Because Iceland has just renewed its policy of killing whales for profit. I cannot recommend a location where such a policy exists. I have started a petition on my website, objecting to Iceland’s official whaling policy. I would love to visit Iceland – But not until the Killing Ends!

Therefore, next time when you get a chance to view a whale or a dolphin, then be proud that you saw one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet, may be even cleverer than you.